This page contains information on Earth changes world wide, including volcanoes, winds, water, earthquakes, mud, fire, insects and plants.  Click on title to go to website.


Earthquake Data

National Earthquake Information Center 

World Data Center for Seismology, Denver, CO. USA


Volcano World -- The Premier Source of Volcano Info
Welcome to Volcano World -- Everything about Volcanoes! . . .The following links will take you to lists of all volcanoes on Volcano World. Sorted by World Region . . . .

Educational site with articles on recent volcanic activity.
Description: Educational site with articles on recent volcanic activity.
Category: Science/Earth Sciences/Geology/Volcanoes/Education

How Volcanoes Work
This website is a comprehensive educational resource that describes the science behind volcanoes and volcanic processes.
Description: Comprehensive educational resource on the science of volcanic processes.
Topics include eruption dynamics, volcanic landforms, and types and products of . . . .
Category: Science/Earth Sciences/Geology/Volcanoes/Education

US Geological Survey, Volcano Hazards Program
The Volcano Hazards Program monitors volcanoes and collects the best possible scientific information on volcanoes in the United States and elsewhere to ...
Description: Monitors volcanoes and collects scientific information on volcanoes in the United
States and elsewhere to reduce the risk from volcanic activity.
Category: Science/Earth Sciences/Geology/Volcanoes




Hurricanes  What Is A Hurricane? A hurricane is a tropical storm with winds that have reached a constant speed of 74 miles per hour or more. ...


Hurricanes, Typhoons & Tropical Cyclones Worldwide
Tropical storms, cyclones, hurricanes, and typhoons worldwide: storm tracks, strike probabilities, and historical data.


Tropical Twisters
Tropical Twisters - Hurricanes: How they work and what they do. What are Hurricanes? Most people associate twisters with tornadoes, ...


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